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Hips Don't Lie
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Essential for everyday use, bringing your waist in while outlining your beautiful hips and giving you a natural round pe...
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Hips Don't Lie (Wide Strap). Essential for everyday use, bringing your waist in while outlining your beautiful hips and giving you a natural round perky butt lift. Fajastec brings you a modern and comfortable design for our most curvy dolls, WITH NO HIP/NO BUTT COMPRESSION. The Smart Expandable Butt Design allows for more LATERALS and more BOOTY, the perfect hourglass silhouette. We are dedicated to enhancing your curves not hiding them. Its hypoallergenic gentle properties prevent discomfort or damage to the skin. The compression is produced by Powernet, which generates a great adjustment to your rear, thighs, hips, abdomen, and back. Its straps are wide, adjustable, cushioned, and curved to generate ultimate control & comfort on your shoulders. Surgery Dolls: This Garment is designed as a stage one faja (low compression on the waist). As the swelling reduces from post-surgery you may reduce the size for higher compression (this converts it to stage two and three faja; we offer alterations).

Pioneers & Only manufacturing company with authentic BBL DESIGNS. Cushioned Wide two-row hooks, adjustable shoulder strap. Front three-row hooks,  adjustable waist, and abdomen compression level. Built-in support with seamless BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) design, to lift and enhance your butt. Open and Close Flap Perineal area/Crotch area for easy bathroom access and tummy tuck JP drains. Biker Short (3/4 length) Faja with silicone lace in the contour of the legs prevents the garment from losing its position.    


Helps to increase your confidence. An excellent choice that speeds up your postpartum healing process. Made of dry-fit material that lets your body and skin breathe and keep you fresh all day long. Allows healthy blood circulation. Improves your posture and mobility. Reduces swelling and fluid retention Stabilizes your pelvic floor.      


Assists with weight loss, molding & plastic surgery recovery (Weight loss surgery, Mommy Makeover, liposuction, BBL, Tummy Tuck, and more). Ideal garment after giving birth. Remarkable butt lifter girdle. Daily shapewear use. Assists in reducing inches from the waist, abdomen, and torso areas. 

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